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Buy Of The Week

February 6, 2017



Pure Collagen Powder £24


Planet Paleo's Pure Collagen is 100% pasture raised bovine collagen powder. 

Step aside, matcha – there’s a new super-powder in town! I've been adding a scoop of this pure collagen into my morning smoothie's for the past couple of months and have noticed a huge difference in my hair. In a nutshell it is growing very quickly. I know this as I have roots which to my annoyance become more visible every week. My hairdresser also comments on the rapid growth and I visit her every four weeks now. It's costly!


Collagen is also great for your skin and nails and I have noticed my nails become quite talon like, I'm constantly filing them down. As for my skin, its hard to say as thankfully I have always had pretty clear skin but it cant hurt that's for sure.


If you're hoping for a long glossy Mane this summer I would highly suggest you purchase a tub of this and start adding a small scoop to your smoothie/water/baking ASAP. You can thank me later. 



Buy Here 

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