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New Recipe - Cherry Blossom Smoothie Bowl

April 17, 2017




  • 150g frozen Dark Sweet Cherries (you can find these in most supermarkets)

  • Two scoops of vanilla protein powder

  • One cup of frozen strawberries

  • Half of a frozen courgette

  • 50g frozen spinach

  • One scoop of boabab powder

  • One tsp of vanilla extract

  • Two cups of chilled filtered water


  • Toppings of choice, cherries, cacao nibs, chocolate shavings, coconut cream etc.

  • 1/4 of a ripe avocado

  • Chia seeds 

  • Collagen powder 



  1. Place all ingredients (apart from the toppings) and one cup of water into a high powered blender and blend, stopping to scrape down the sides as needed. Add the other cup of water gradually & continue to blend until smooth. 

  2. Pour into bowls and top with toppings of choice if desired.




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