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Lemon, Passion Fruit & Raspberry Paleo Yoghurt

July 26, 2017


Let me begin with a disclaimer...this dessert probably doesn't need a recipe! It really is the easiest dish to pull together but if like me, having a recipe helps no matter how easy it is then here you go... 


...The perfect summery bowl of healthy goodness that takes less than five minutes to create.


Serves: 1




  • One serving (approx 150g) of dairy free yoghurt such as plain Co-Yo 

  • Half tsp of lemon extract paste or zest of half of a lemon

  • A couple of drops of liquid Stevia or sweetener of choice - optional

  • One passion fruit

  • Handful of fresh raspberries 




  • Fresh strawberries or other berries of choice, blueberries pair very well

  • Unflavoured protein powder

  • Sprig of fresh mint




  1. Place yoghurt into a bowl along with the lemon extract or zest, and sweetener and protein powder if using. Mix well until fully combined

  2. Scatter fresh raspberries and any other fruit or extra toppings you wish to add.

  3. Cut the passion fruit in half and spoon the pulp over the yoghurt and berries.

  4. Add a sprig of fresh mint, purely for the incredible smell and aesthetics - (I'm a sucker for packaging!)


Why not make double, placing one serving in a jar for a delicious transportable snack. This recipe also works well with a vanilla base, just swap out the lemon extract for vanilla extract or the seeds from a half a vanilla pod.








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