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If You Buy One Thing...VSL#3 Probiotics

April 14, 2018


Regular readers know I like to feature a 'Buy Of The Week' post. However, I feel VSL#3 Probiotics deserve more than that. I've named them my 'little gut miracles' so that should tell you something. In my opinion you should buy these above everything else. Especially if you suffer with rheumatoid arthritis like myself and from what I've read, many other gut related issues.


In short VSL#3 probiotics contain 450 million bacteria in every sachet coming from eight different strains. I'm not a doctor or an expert but I do know that the average probiotic you can buy on the high street for instance, is no where near that. The max strength dosages are just 50million from 3 strains and the average is around 10million. I think this puts it into context!


I've been taking one sachet of VSL#3 a day, for the last six weeks, either stirred into a small glass of kefir or mixed into my morning smoothie. I should point out, I've not been living my 'cleanest' Paleo life! My diet hasn't been horrendous by any stretch, but there have been a few dinner dates with a cocktail or two and celebratory weekends away which have included rich non-paleo food! Normally this would lead to flare ups and pain. But guess what? There has been nothing, zero activity on the flare up front and no pain. It's weird as I'm expecting the pain to hit me every morning I wake up. I wait tentatively to feel it in my hands and feet, but so far so good. It's like I'm living life before RA.


'Seriously I cannot explain how great this is. To live each day like a normal healthy person'


I have experienced side effects, nothing major, bloating and some minor stomach cramps. However, looking into this it means the probiotics are doing there thing and getting rid of the bad bacteria. Given the choice of arthritic pain, swelling and joint deterioration over a little bloating, it's no contest.


I cannot reiterate enough how life changing VSL#3 Probiotics have been for me. If you do one thing for yourself, go buy a supply, take them every day and I'm certain you will be all the better for it.



£44.85 - One month supply



P.S. This post is NOT sponsored. If a product rocks my world, I want to tell you about it. 


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