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Buy Of The Week - Photowall Wall Mural

November 5, 2017

I'm a firm believer in a Paleo lifestyle is not just about what you eat. It should include an active lifestyle, a balanced mental state (think mindfulness & wellbeing) and a happy comfortable living environment. 


I have the food part down to a tee, and the active lifestyle isn't far behind if not on par. Wellbeing and mindfulness is always a work in practice. My living environment? That's where some attention was needed. I have a beautiful home, but what it lacks is the finishing touch.  My husband & I have never been able to decide on a piece of 'Art' to fill the blank wall in our sitting room. That is until now. 


Having come across Photowall, a website packed full of wall murals & canvas prints, we were bound to find something we loved. Best of all you can custom order the size you want your chosen image. Whether it's to cover the whole wall in the form of wallpaper or a miniature canvas print for your downstairs loo. We were spoilt for choice and spent a lot of time searching through the options.


We decided to go with My Greenhouse by Lisa Audit. I placed the order online which was incredibly easy to do, and within just a few days, the print arrived safely ready to be displayed and provide the finishing touch our home has been waiting for.




My Greenhouse £26 



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