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Buy Of The Week: Personal Training

February 20, 2017


David Lloyd Personal Training from £400



This week I have finally taken the plunge and decided to invest in a Personal Trainer. I've been considering it for a while since I've come to realise I need to be pushed in order to achieve my goals and step out of my comfort zone. I also need guidance to achieve those goals. I have no trouble working out on a regular basis but I do not have the knowledge to turn those workouts into stepping stones towards the body I want to live in, strong & lean. How often I should train, what I should do exactly when training, whether my form is right to avoid injury, when to rest, when to schedule cardio such as spinning classes or some time out to stretch & breathe at yoga. I also need advice about what I should be eating and when to ensure I feed my body properly whilst leaning out without going into starvation mode and then what needs to go in to fuel workouts to create long lean muscles once I've shed the not so tight bits!


I had my first session yesterday morning, I genuinely surprised myself. I deadlifted more than I ever have before. I never would have tried in the past, naturally thinking I couldn't. I sweated through assisted pull ups until my arms shook from fatigue past the point I would have gone if training on my own. In fact I wouldn't have even bothered with that piece of kit in the past, normally sticking to what I know and feel comfortable with. At the end of the session I knew I had worked hard but I also knew I had more to give. (If I didn't have breakfast reservations I would have stayed for a 15min treadmill HIIT) I now have a good understanding of my base point for my future sessions. I'm excited about this new journey and I am fully prepared to put the effort in. Not just the psychical effort into workouts but the dedication into diet and wellness. I want this to be all encompassing, ensuring I go to bed early to be able to rise early so I workout to my fullest. I'll turn off my phone & Macbook an hour before bed, to calm down my mind ready for sleep. Where ever I can improve, I'll do my best to do it. This PT session has fired something in my head, to make changes towards the never ending journey of good health.


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