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Buy Of The Week: Mindful Bites

March 2, 2017

Mindful Bites Snack Size £1.49


Walking around Wholefoods at lunch time I came across these cute little

pouches of 'Superfood' Nut Butters. I know what your thinking, it's just nut butter what can be so great about them?


Well for starters there are four delicious flavours (I tried them all) to choose from. One of which tastes very similar to a well known chocolate hazelnut spread! Secondly, they all contain delicious and nourishing ingredients.


According to the Mindful Bites website 'every ingredient has been chosen for it's unique qualities with particular attention paid to nutrient density, low sugar content, the impact on glycemic levels and ingredient toxicity'


They are completely gluten, dairy and processed sugar & sweetener free as well as being high in plant protein and fibre.


Besides all of the above, I love that they come in handy snack size portions so you know exactly how much you're eating. Perfect for me as I find it all too easy to slather on cashew butter and realise I used quarter of the jar! 



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