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Buy Of The Week - Be Good To Your Gut by Eve Kalinik

October 7, 2018


It's been a while since I posted a Buy Of The Week post and I can't think of a better buy to shout about than this book.


If like me you're following a Paleo diet for health reasons and even if you're not, this book is for you. Full of delicious recipes and the science and explanations behind ultimate gut health. There are even step by step guides and weekly meal plans.


Having seen such a transformation when changing my diet, I soon realised how important gut health is. It's everything when it comes to having a strong and healthy immune system. A second brain as it were, it's imperative you look after your gut feeding it properly, weeding out the 'bad' bacteria to enable the 'good' bacteria to thrive.


Not only am I cooking, baking & making these recipes on repeat, I've learnt so much about how the gut works.


This is an essential guide if you want to boost your overall wellbeing and are looking for fresh insight into digestive conditions and or autoimmune conditions.




P.S. My buys of the week are NOT sponsored. If a product rocks my world, I want to tell you about it. 


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