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An Honest Look At Life Lately

March 12, 2017


It's been a while since I posted anything about me generally. The main reason I started this site was to diarise my journey from sick to fit. I have been through a lot of ups and downs recently and I thought I would post a mini update about all things me, in life, how I'm feeling & what I've been doing to fix things.



As some of you will know I started working out with a personal trainer about two weeks ago. I felt I needed the guidance in order to achieve the goals I want. I workout a lot but I wasn't seeing any results other than being able to run a little faster for a little longer. My body shape wasn't changing and I wasn't getting stronger. I was stuck in a rut, not making the best decisions regarding food choices and having more then the occasional glass of Champagne. I had also started to get rheumatoid flare ups in my left wrist and foot. I have gained some fat, lost some muscle and to top it off I've been grinding my teeth so much I chipped a tooth and my jaw completely seized up. The pain has been unbearable. It's all so easy to Instagram this perfect happy life, but behind the scenes sometimes things are not as glossy as they appear. 



Looking back it's obvious where I was going wrong, but I needed that push and motivation to get back on track. Spending a lot of money on personal training did indeed give me that motivation! I didn't want to waste it, I knew I had to give it 100% or not bother at all. That meant changing my workouts and getting out of my comfort zone, cutting out alcohol altogether and ensuring everything that passes my lips was nourishing me properly. It was all too easy to eat a Paleo brownie because I felt I deserved a treat!  


After the first workout with my trainer I knew this was going to make a huge difference, not just in the way I look but in every aspect, the way I feel, my health, my mind and attitude. After that first hour, I left the gym on such a high. I was exhausted but felt more alive than I had in a long time. My entire mindset had shifted. I wanted to only eat and drink foods that would work towards my goals and not sabotage them. I want and need to rest properly, go to bed earlier. Not watch so much TV or scroll through social media but use the time before bed to start a relaxing bedtime ritual. Calming pillow sprays, breathing exercises, eye masks and planning the next days events including what to wear, eat and do. It sounds a bit silly but it has helped to calm me down allowing me to sleep more soundly. My jaw has eased because I'm not so anxious about things. This has a knock on effect to many other things. I'm not as snappy or stressed as I was previously, making for a calmer home life! I haven't touched alcohol or eaten anything that isn't in its natural form and guess what? My flare ups have eased, I'm stronger and fitter than ever before with a resting heart beat of 51, my clothes fit better and I feel positive about everything. 



It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the human body adapts. Just like the time I started my Paleo journey. My body adapted within two weeks, allowing me to come off of my medication and free me from pain and a poisonous lifestyle. Yes I have strayed from the path a little since last Christmas but I'm well and truly back on it and I couldn't be happier, not to mention healthier and in a better state of mind than ever.


So thank you body, thank you for being great. I didn't realise back then that the choices I made earlier in life sabotaged you and broke you in more ways than I care to admit. But thanks for working with me on this journey and reacting positively the way you have since I've started to make the right decisions. We're in it together and I get it now. What I feed you and make you do is who you are, who I AM.

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