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Buy Of The Week: Kiki Health Activated Charcoal Powder

August 3, 2017

Kiki Health Activated Charcoal Powder £9.95



If I lived in a world where I only ate organically grown food, drank water directly from a mountain spring, where the streets I walked were not some of the most polluted in the world and I didn't have a penchant for fine Champagne then Activated Charcoal probably wouldn't register on my radar! 


However, I do not live in a Utopian world, actually I'd go as far to say no one does. Therefore shouldn't we all be taking steps to help rid unwanted substances from our bodies? 


That's where Activated Charcoal comes in. Pharmaceutical grade, 100% natural & made from coconut shells. Just one teaspoon mixed in a glass of water acts like a sponge to soak up contaminants. 


I've been taking it every couple of days, It has no taste or smell. It's a great product, cheap and does you good. What's not to love?



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