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Buy Of The Week: Moon Dust

June 2, 2017

Moon Juice | Moon Dust Sachet Samplers £30



I purchased these sample Moon Juice's sachets whilst I was in America. Mainly because I had read how the internet went crazy over the LA juice brand Moon Juice and it's 'dusts'. 

Packets of 'dust' made from various concoctions of dried herbs, based around ancient Chinese medicine which you blend into smoothies or juices. Each dust concoction is blended to target one of the following,Beauty, Brain, Sex, Power, Spirit & Dream.


So far so good. Beauty dust made with Pearl amongst other things I'm sure is making a difference. I've had the odd compliment of my skin looking brighter. This could be down to a two week vacation but knowing what I ate and drank in those two weeks, it's probably not! Also Gwyneth Paltrow supposedly takes this every morning and if its good enough for her...


Dream dust is pretty much like a sleeping pill.Added to hot water with a little honey before bed had me almost asleep before I reached my bed. This is better than any calming 'night' tea I've ever tried.


I wont go on about the others as I'm sure you will want to discover for yourself. All I will say is, Power worked pretty much instantly and Sex is made from horny goats weed! I've read a few reviews about Moon Dust and have come to realise each one works differently for everyone. With this in mind I suggest treating yourself to the sampler box like I did. See what works for you before deciding whether you want to invest in larger quantities. 


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