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What I Bought This Week

February 12, 2017


Welcome to the weekly instalment post, 'Buy Of The Week'. You'll notice this week is a little different. I've been shopping a lot, so its not just one item I want to highlight but quite a few. Here goes...




I've been looking for some new trainers for a couple of weeks now, ever since my NIKE Air Thea's which I absolutely loved decided to attack my heels. A common problem I have since discovered. I wanted some trainers which looked similar, stylish enough to wear with leather leggings on my commute as well as functional enough to wear in the gym whilst resistance & cardio training. After much deliberation & endless hours spent on the NIKE site I settled on these beauties. I think you'll agree they are just as stylish as the Thea & actually better suited for workouts. They really are the most comfortable trainers ever. The heels are so springy, like little clouds. I love them.















Whilst in NIKE on Saturday I realised I should invest in a pair of women's weight training gloves. I would say at least 50-60% of my workout time is spent on resistance training. Due to this I have developed hard skin on the palms of my hands. Something which is a bit of a badge of honour but really I would prefer delicate soft little paws. I think these will be just perfect to help with this.

















My favourite blogger/Youtuber Lydia Elise Millan bought this foundation to my attention a few days ago. Since then I have seen a few publications raving about it so of course I wanted to give it a go. I have to say I'm really impressed. Full range of colours, great coverage, full without looking like you applied it with a trowel! Leaves your skin looking very natural, with that luminous look everyone wants. Best of all it feels like you're wearing nothing at all. The whole premise of the foundation is to make you feel the way you do when you put that amazing power suit on or a fabulous pair of heels, confident, successful & elegant. Oh also it has SPF 25.















Who doesn't want a sparkling set of pearly whites? I've heard great things about this naturally detoxing, no nasty chemical toothpaste. Thankfully I have quite naturally white teeth but I do love my coffee and worry this causes staining so I figured for £10 I may as well give it a go. It's really easy to use, and doesn't taste bad, always a bonus. I've only been using it since the weekend so I cant say just yet if its affective or not but I have high hopes.













The worlds first non alcoholic sprit. Very similar to gin, teaming perfectly with tonic. Now it's no secret I love a G&T but being Paleo with an autoimmune disorder (un)fortunately means I don't get to indulge as much as I would like. Now thankfully come the weekend when I fancy a pre dinner drink I can have a Seedlip & Tonic. It solves the dilemma of what to drink when you're not drinking. I'm actually loving it, it tastes fresh, kind of how you could imagine a summer garden tasting, fresh peas, hay, grass herby. I imagine it will go very well with elderflower tonic as it would lend a little sweetness to the glass. I'll be trying that next weekend.





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