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Buy Of The Week

January 22, 2017


The Ordinary

Advanced Retinol 2% £8


I'm one of those people who are sucked in by packaging & price. My bathroom shelves are stocked with Dior, Lancôme, Dr Sebagh etc. Yes, I have been collecting all my life. I love designer cosmetics. I could go as far as to say I'm a bit of an addict.


But in my mid thirties I have noticed a few frown lines, perhaps deeper than they should be. I Googled 'what should I be using?' After a vigorous Googling exercise the one thing that popped up a lot was retinol. Retinol is expensive. Very expensive & then I discovered The Ordinary. Again I Googled this particular brand & everywhere I looked including Vogue, raved about it. But what made the doubt creep in was the price. How could something that costs less than £10 be effective?


At £8 what did I have loose? It arrived & I rubbed it into my face & two days later a couple of girls in my team at the office said I was & I quote "very fresh face today" yes that is correct. My skin looks alive, fresh & renewed. That is after two days. My face looks glowy, more so  than after an £80 facial. I wake in the morning & I kid you not I'm surprised when I look in the mirror & I see my new 'radiant' skin. I love it.


You have to get this. It is the best thing in my beauty arsenal. After all what do you have to lose? it's £8



Buy Here


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