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My Go To Weekly Breakfast Combinations

January 19, 2017



I am, if nothing else a creature of habit but with phases! What I mean is, I'll go through phases lasting from a couple of weeks through to more months than I have bothered to count, wanting the same breakfast pretty much everyday. Then, just like that I'm over it & I move onto something new which I'll obsess over. Surely I cant be the only one can I?






As of late & for longer than my usual phase, my go to breakfast dishes have been my incredibly delicious creamy Chocolate Orange Smoothie especially during the week when I've been to the gym. This smoothie is so quick & easy to make, tastes amazing (seriously if you haven't made this yet, you are missing

out) & has plenty of protein. It's just the

perfect post workout meal.
















On those days I don't make it to the gym and I have a bit extra time, I love to make my Maple Cinnamon & Banana Porridge. It works so well on these cold frosty winter mornings, a proper warm hug in a bowl.




















I have my go to weekend breakfasts, when I have time to make something beautiful or my husband & I will eat out.

Wherever we are it usually involves

smoked salmon, poached eggs & avocado.

Pure breakfast perfection. 
























Main picture credit: Stephanie Marie Gold / Saving Room For Dessert / Good Life Eats



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