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Food Trends For 2017

January 13, 2017


It's the same every year. 2016 was awash with avocado, whether served on toast or splashed over Instagram as a pretty rose, Poke bowls & Cold Brew Artisan Coffees to name but a few. So what's going to be hot this year? With a keen interest in food & nutrition, not to mention I love to know things before everyone else, I thought I would share with you my predictions...I've not included the non-paleo trends I think will be huge for obvious reasons.

Purple Foods

Acai bowls to carrots & sweet potatoes. You can already see a a number of purple foods sneaking onto the supermarket shelves, and for good reason. Natural purple foods are full of antioxidants (think blueberries), they are known to fight disease, keep you looking younger, reduce inflammation and are good for your heart. Why wouldn’t you eat them?"


Plant Based Foods

You only have to scroll through social media to see vegan diets trending & becoming more popular than ever. Led by a desire for sustainability and a 'clean' diet, more people are making vegetables the main event rather than the side dish. Whole roasted cauliflower anyone?


Seaweed/Sea Vegetables

Strolling around Wholefoods I've seen the seaweed crisps, I've eaten them & loved them. Low in calories, high in calcium & iron. Seaweed could well be the new 'Kale'


Savoury/Vegetable Yoghurt

Carrot, beetroot, sweet potato & tomato flavoured yoghurt is already a trend in the US & as we all know what happens across the pond soon makes it's away across to us. Think of it as the classy cousin of a cucumber & mint raita dip. How to use it? Stir into curry's & soups or spoon onto roasted jacket potatoes instead of creme fraiche or soured cream.



The largest tree fruit in the world, high in protein, potassium & vitamin B. Growing in popularity, especially with vegans & vegetarians because the fruit works wonders as a meat substitute. Don't believe me? Just google Jackfruit Pulled Pork!


Golden Lattes

Already a staple in my house & as much apart of the healthy living tribe as the morning Starbucks is to everyone else. Made using the super spice concoction of Turmeric, Cinnamon & Ginger and blended into warm dairy free milk. A anti-inflammatory &  antioxidant rich warm hug in a mug, it can't be too long before Pret a Manger catches on.


Goat Meat

Goat meat is low in fat, contains less cholesterol than chicken and more iron than beef. With everyone becoming much more informed about what they put into their bodies, goat meat is sure to start appearing on our plates.


Coconut Everything

I've mentioned before the miracle that is coconut oil & what seems like a never ending list of uses for the stuff. It's about time the majority of the population realise the other amazing products there are out there. Coconut flour, chips, sugar & aminos (Paleo alternative to Soy Sauce) Each item having its own set of benefits, trust me coconut is going to be big news...again!




Pics: Chocolate For Basil/Dish by Dish/Waitrose


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