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Are All Grains Bad?

December 30, 2016


It's almost my two year Paleo anniversary, woohoo! In those two years I feel I have learnt a lot about what works for me and my body. Switching my diet and following a Paleo lifestyle has been the best decision I have ever made. I have never felt this great in all my life. I have never been this healthy, fit and radiant ever! 


To sum things up real quick I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and placed on many prescription drugs including a type of chemotherapy. I was in so much pain, sick and not too dissimilar to a zombie like version of myself. Within a month of eating Paleo my symptoms disappeared. After a consultation with my medical consultant I informed him I would like to stop taking the prescription drugs and from now on I would control the disease myself through what I eat. After all, it made perfect sense to me. Something was causing my body to react in this way so if I eliminated that, then my body would no longer flare up. It's safe to say my instincts were correct. I have eliminated grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugar & all processed foods and reaped the benefits immediately. Within my two year journey I have had times when I eat certain things I'm not supposed to such as gluten & alcohol. I think you can guess what happened? I had major flare ups. There have been lots of trial and error moments, I'm pretty certain I have found what works for me and what doesn't. I do know gluten is a massive no no, too much alcohol i.e. more than a couple of glasses of wine now and again is a NO, dairy from cows is not so good but goats yoghurt seems to be fine, rice causes a bit of bloating but no arthritic pain and legumes on the odd occasion are fine too. 


One thing I have discovered which causes no issues is porridge. Yes porridge on a cold winters morning has been an absolute warm cosy hug for my insides. I only use raw, organic, gluten free & sprouted oats which may have something to do with it but so far so good. Don't get me wrong, I'm not eating porridge every day, like anything it's all in moderation and I have a very varied diet but the question I ask is, are all grains bad? In my case no. Wholegrains, those that contain gluten are the devils food as far as I'm concerned but quinoa, oats & the odd bit of rice do not seem to cause me to react and flare up.


The strict Paleo followers I'm sure they will disagree completely but the purpose of my journey is to find what works for me on the road to recovery. I listen to what my body wants, I feel how it reacts and I know when something does or doesn't work. So until my body tells me otherwise, i will continue to do what works for me and you should to.


Try my Spiced Winter Porridge recipe here




Photo credit: Cookrepublic


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